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Customer Support

For one of our core services, our customer care department oversee dynamic calls and emails by processing information and reacting to proposals, inquiries and cases identified with services all through the whole client life-cycle, bolstered by an assortment of multi-channel techniques.

With the use of the best techniques by our trained teams and tech tools, we are able to manage and analyze customer interactions and data throughout the life-cycle, with the goal of improving customer relationships and assisting in customer retention and driving sales growth.

With Back Office services, our professional representatives will be dealing with your administrative work, where you can have us as your extended arm.

In our Technical support team, we provide customers with help and advice about products and services. Through our integrated ticketing system, we will address specific issues with a product or service in the best way so that your customer will be satisfied and thoroughly taken care of.

Customer experience & satisfaction communication is comprised of three sections: the costumer travel, the brand touch-points and the conditions the client encounters amid their experience. We will use a multi-channel approach to analyze, evaluate, report and help improve your customer’s experience with your products or services.

Software Solutions

With our customer-centric approach and flexible processes, we have been able to create engagement models that drive cost and time reduction in projects while maintaining the highest software engineering standards.

We align our talent for creating unique interactive websites and applications that cater your business goals. Blending innovative design ideas with broadly recognized concepts, we can make your products and services available to millions. We will deliver productive, engaging and reliable web solutions that bring you the business outcomes that you deserve.

Through our SEO services you can gain access to the tools and the adequate connections to be able to promote yourselves on the most important sites.

Leveraging our cross-industrial experience and product engineering competencies, we tailor solutions to our customers’ individual needs, while considering the entire realization-cycle, starting from its idea to the marketable product. Our services can help you utilize the ingraining software and IT solutions along with hardware components to design, test and develop a meaningful innovative product, thus building a scalable software solution to support business and elevate key operations, from employee collaboration to automation.

Sonnecto QA engineers provide a holistic approach of testing and quality assurance to help you build a product or service through accelerated testing methods in order to reduce errors and defects in software that can affect your operations.


Increase your sales while guaranteeing customer satisfaction, retention and loyalty. Following serious preparation to completely comprehend your products, services, marketing messages and audience – our teams can help your customers with any inquiries they may have – making it simple for them to understand your product and purchase your services and products.

For lead generation, our solution managers will work with you to understand the core message, product benefits and target market. This, along with the right preparation and research will enable us to generate new leads – which can convert to actual sales, and lower your per-lead costs. Based on your preference, you will be able to work with us through remote and onsite training, digital recording, remote monitoring & comprehensive reporting.

We also make sure that we have trained staff for contacting leads over the phone to set appointments. The leads lists can be compiled by you, and with the relevant briefing and training from your side – we will make sure to approach, track and analyze all of them – converting to appointments.

Through upselling, our representatives encourage your customers to purchase a comparable higher-end product than the one in question, while in cross-selling we invite your customers to buy related or complementary items. We will do both because they offer distinct benefits and can be effective in tandem and in add.

Our representatives are more than simple order takers. To properly process order management, our team will be trained in your specific business criteria and operating agenda, enabling us to help you with the necessary processes.

Extended solutions

If you’re looking for help with your accounts, bookkeeping, tax or financial planning, we aim to make a difference to your profit levels immediately. Our accounting team has the advantage of proactivity, where they can spot red flags ahead of time. Our services can be designed to augment your staff and transform your finance function. It’s not just about maintaining your accounting, but also providing a platform to drive profits, improve cash flow, and grow your business.

With Market research, we will help you find data on target markets and clients – by using the right tools and technology and thoroughly consulting with your team in understanding your company goals. Even though market research can be a complex and multi-level project, we can help you gather information for future strategic planning in growing your business.

In Surveys, the best way to determine whether you are serving your clients optimally, is essentially to ask them. Most clients are happy to share their experience with your company, product and services. Our tailored research methodology will enable to provide the best insights from the client feedback.

Productive loyalty programs are tied in with keeping clients drawn in with the brand and motivated by the advantages of the reward. At Sonnecto, we take incredible pride in supporting our customers’ reliability programs and dealing with the desires of their clients.

But that’s not all, if you are looking for more tailored offshoring services please feel free to contact us, we got solutions to your every company need.

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