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We are Sonnecto: Solutions Connected

Sonnecto is a tech-driven company specialized in customer & software solutions based in Prishtina, London and New York.

Our aim is to transform companies through comprehensive assistance, client engagement, software solutions, sales, analytics, back-office processing and frontline support to establish them as clear market leaders with a flourishing customer base.

With a dedicated hands-on team of diverse technical experts, utilizing staff augmentation and incorporating agile and lean methodologies to our everyday practices, we are able to transform every business process and performance. Our team members in the South East Europe are highly educated with a well-pronounced English as their second language and have access to high-end technology & infrastructure.

The extensive service experience of our management team enables us to provide for our partners and clients incredible quality and pricing on both inbound and outbound services – reaching reduction rates of their costs by 30 – 75%, while maintaining a high quality of service. To achieve this, our teams use the best tools, methods and technology thus ensuring that we provide the best service, feedback, analytics and results tracking for our clients and their customers.


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Mission & Values

Our Mission is to transform your Vision

As a specialized company in outsourcing and software services, we aim to utilize the workflow of ambitious, progressive companies around the world to future-proof their development and enable them to become market leaders through an ever-growing base of delighted customers.

Thanks to our understanding of the global market trends and cultural environments, we always develop long-lasting client relationships by developing tailored solutions for their industry needs.

employee engagement

The Greater Growth

Becoming part of the team

Our culture revolves around energetic, open minded and outstanding team-members in an innovative office setting that blends fun, development and professionalism as a unique experience. Through our internal development plans and dynamic career paths we move forward by growing jointly with all of our members.

Every member receives the flexibility, credibility and acknowledgement they need, because they are the ones who make the difference. We acknowledge value and performance, and actively support our teams to develop a holistic skill set that is driven to achieve the greater growth.

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