Solutions Connected


With careful integration to your company’s processes, we engage our proactive teams and tools to create comprehensive and seamless solutions for the end-customers.

Customer Support

Sonnecto delivers inbound and outbound customer care across all communication channels. Our expert teams can manage information, respond to calls and written inquiries, as well as provide digital engagement.

We also provide multi-tier IT & technical support as well as back office services across the globe. By using a multi-channel approach to analyze, evaluate and report, we help improve customer experience for thousands of people worldwide.

Software Solutions

Sonnecto provides state of the art software engineering in tandem with cost and time-reduction.

Working with Sonnecto means benefiting from agile teams with multiple programming languages under their belt. Our talent delivers unique interactive websites, applications, and products, blending innovative design ideas with global concepts, bringing your company to the spotlight.

Extended solutions

Sonnecto supercharges your business through custom solutions, tailored specifically for your industry needs.

With versatile expert teams, Sonnecto delivers everything from market research to strategic planning, while also offering extended solutions like data entry, payroll, and reconciliation under our bookkeeping services.


Your customers want to be supported by eloquent, intelligent, and helpful customer service representatives. We exceed those expectations.

Sonnecto teams combine expert skills with research and preparation to grow your sales through sophisticated lead generation, appointment setting, inquiry resolution, as well as upselling & cross-selling.

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