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Dry van dispatch services

Dry vans present a huge benefit to trucking companies across the United States, keeping their goods safe and sound while they are out on the roads. With protection from wind, rain, and other elements, dry van units and drivers make an enormous contribution to the logistics operations that power our country. To achieve the best for clients, you need a professional, honest dry van dispatcher to support your efforts. This is what we do at Sonnecto, with over 5 years of experience with dry van dispatch services, keeping a truck average of $3+ rpm nationwide.


Reefer dispatch services

There is nothing better than a refrigerated truck when it comes to temperature-controlled freight. You and your reefer truck are already providing an excellent service to your customers. To continue offering this level of service and even level up, you need a dispatcher you can rely on to keep you moving. This is where Sonnecto comes in. We have over 5 years of experience reefer dispatch services, while maintaining an rpm average of $3.2+.


Flatbed dispatch services

As a heavy-duty vehicle, your flatbed truck is nothing like the other trucks. It supports our economy in ways that other vehicles cannot. They’re the best option available in construction projects that require the use of piping, beams, frames, and other bulky materials, as well as landscaping projects that require large quantities of materials and cargo. These applications also involve the use of heavy-duty logistics capabilities. Using that as an advantage, here at Sonnecto we've been dispatching flatbed trucks for over 5 years, also maintaining an rpm average of $3.2+.

The Sonnecto dispatch team will ensure that your vehicles are contracted regularly for the best paying loads from the brokers with the highest credit score. We are committed to solving your dispatch problems and reducing the time required to find high-paying loads for your trucks.


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