Learn how we make solutions connect, becoming Sonnecto.

Leading the growth

Sonnecto is a tech-driven company specialized in customer & software solutions based in Prishtina, London and New York.

Leading by example, we maintain the highest standards of integrity and emotional intelligence, with a problem-solving, compassionate style in every interaction.

All of our team members fully embody the ideals and principles of Sonnecto. Our managing team is the interdisciplinary group of experts tasked with keeping the spark of this spirit alive through leadership. 

Experienced leader with a vast track record of managing complex projects and building international teams. Directs all team efforts towards customer & partnership growth. Forbes Business Councils Member and contributor.

Fatos Ameti

Co-Founder & CEO

Experienced leader in technology and marketing for 15 years in Europe and the US. Masters in International Business at St. John’s University - New York.

Granit Limani

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Georgetown Law graduate, university professor, experienced in international business and compliance. Leads the company’s legal and data protection departments.

Visar Rama

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Accomplished Finance Guru. Head Financial Officer at Sonnecto and Experienced University Lecturer.

Liridona Gërxhaliu

Head of Finance

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