Sonnecto works with clients across multiple industries with specialized teams for each segment.

Connecting solutions for diverse industries

Well-equipped with the knowledge of a diverse set of industries, we deliver maximized customer solutions throughout the entire customer life cycle.


Sonnecto’s teams are specialized in the omni-digital transformation of telecoms and utilities. From multi-tiered mobile & wireless support to billing and software products, we help telcos grow their customer base, support new technologies, and reduce operational costs. We support the most important segments including MNO’s, VAR, and MVNOs with our dedicated expert teams.


Drawing on years of industry experience, Sonnecto is committed to handling your logistics issues, including back office, dispatch, and administrative work - so you can focus on driving your business forward. Our teams spearhead essential operations from assuring the most profitable loads in brokerage processes, to confirming compliance and accuracy in billing and logs.


In today’s education & technology world, you need to deliver seamless content and support for students and staff at every stage. To help you deliver this, Sonnecto provides cost effective Software teams, Customer Support services and Extended Solutions such as accounting, bookkeeping, and digital marketing.


Sonnecto provides tailored digital transformation to the industry's rapidly evolving financial & insurance services landscape. We assist in the implementation and development of world-class applications, payment systems, business automation and customer service processes, as well as digital innovations that provide a competitive advantage in financial markets.


Sonnecto helps startups strategize solutions at a time where they are most susceptible to crumbling under heavily competitive landscapes and towering business costs. Our well-rounded and cost effective solutions - ranging from software development to user growth, marketing, and retention- ensure a strong company foundation that fosters scalability and innovation.


Now more than ever, it is important to enhance your digital strategy, improve operational efficiency and engage with customers on their preferred time and channel. Sonnecto’s solutions and teams help create a more human customer service, support online sales, build loyalty, grow revenue, and reduce operational costs.


Throughout the seasons, we are at your disposal with responsive teams to deliver timely solutions and provide a great customer experience. From picking up calls, assisting with booking, and providing customer satisfaction surveys to utilizing digital technologies and channels for extended customer reach, Sonnecto’s teams ensure the best care in all operations.


Through a combination of deep vertical expertise and industry-specific experience, we empower our clients’ visions and enable them to scale faster. By working with the world’s leading brands, we provide solutions for a variety of industries including Communications and Media, Fintech, Healthcare, Consulting, Analytics & Big Data.

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