6 reasons you should outsource to Kosovo

6 reasons you should outsource to Kosovo

Globally among the top 20 most improved economies in 2020, Kosovars are known as the Young Europeans! With more than half of the population under 25, this South European goldmine is rife with human capacities in professionalism, technology, multicultural and linguistic skills, and vigor. 


Kosovo is growing in its attractive force for BPO: Business Process Outsourcing. Continuously, companies are choosing to offshore their services to the professional workforce, and Kosovo in particular, for a myriad of reasons. 

Young, talented, and ready to work.

Not only is Kosovo’s population very young, the majority are highly educated, and willing to work in more specialized work within their fields. This means that there is a hub of skilled, talented youth who are an ideal match for foreign companies looking to outsource. Beyond individual talent, the ICT companies you will outsource to, train an impressive 89% of their employees, so you don’t have to!

Cut costs.

Highly trained, educated, and skilled, the Kosovo workforce sports more competitive prices than other regions. Companies from more expensive countries, like the U.S., will see a drop in prices when outsourcing work to Kosovo BPO companies, for the same level of quality and expertise.

English fluency.

The workforce of Kosovo is ideal for international work, as Kosovars have a long history of multilingualism, and unaccented native-sounding English, with German, Italian, and French down their sleeves as well. This is always an advantage for BPO, especially for customer support, which could be outsourced easily as a direct extension of a U.S., U.K., or E.U.-based company, cutting costs at no disadvantage for quality services and smooth communication, at a company like Sonnecto.

Easy business ecosystem.

In another clear advantage to economies in the far east which might dot the outsourcing landscape, Kosovo’s proximity to the EU is clear in its legislation. The rules and regulations that Kosovar businesses adhere to are largely identical to those of the EU, and held to those European standards. This is especially true for data protection and privacy, a critical area for BPO practices. BPO management companies in Kosovo and their leaders are reliable, ethical, and trustworthy. Kosovo is also in the top 30% of economies worldwide, in terms of ease of doing business. All of this combined, paves the way for easy business on all sides involved in outsourcing to Kosovo. 

Technological capacities.

Besides the young age, linguistic proficiency, high educational attainment, and cultural and legislative affinity to the EU, Kosovo has an ever increasing number of IT graduates. What’s more, the Kosovar population at large shows an incredibly high IC literacy rate, a critical skill for remote BPO work. These skills meet the appropriate tools and architecture to support them, as Kosova sports impressive IT infrastructure i.e. a whooping 93% internet access rate, much higher than the EU average.


Business globe-hopping is landing more and more into offshore BPO companies, as globalization flattens and evens the playing field. Countries such as Kosovo, are now being tapped into and recognized for the goldmines they are, as competitive prices and fluent English services are offered in tandem with professionalism and quality. Outsourcing, and global cooperation is the utopian solution, and anyone who is not in the future, is stuck in the past.

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