Meet Our New Client: The Leading Swiss-based Tourism Enterprise

woman working in customer support for a tourism company

Meet Our New Client: The Leading Swiss-based Tourism Enterprise

We are thrilled to announce our new partnership with a Leading European Tourism Company. 


With over one hundred years of experience, this Swiss company has been the choice of more than 550 million passengers. Over the years, they have succeeded in internationalizing their presence, and are now operating in most EU Countries.  Specializing not only in Tourism and Transportation, this innovative company also manages bus stations, service areas, and vehicle maintenance areas. 


Sonnecto is excited to partner up with the company, to offer dedicated support for their customers. In our collaboration, we will be responsible for their customer experience, ensuring each interaction brings value and satisfaction.  With a team of skilled professionals, Sonnecto will provide continuous assistance, to make sure that each customer receives a speedy and efficient answer. 


Our Client and Sonnecto share the same set of values: exceptional service and continuous customer satisfaction. Operating by the same principles presents a strong foundation for a successful partnership between our companies, and we are excited to see what the future holds.


We are grateful for our cooperation, and look forward to bringing a competitive advantage to their company, thus upholding their reputation as an industry leader.


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