Meet our new client: The Swiss E-Commerce company

Meet our new client: The Swiss E-Commerce company

We are excited to announce the start of our partnership with a fast-growing e-commerce company that is shaking up the industry. The Swiss-based company is revolutionizing the market by creating and managing advanced platforms and promoting growth for its clients. 


Our client offers e-commerce services and solutions that add value to the community by offering the best-in-class products across multiple online platforms in Switzerland. With partnerships with world-renowned brands such as Samsung, Sony, and Columbia, they are bringing exceptional products to customers everywhere.


Sonnecto is excited to be partnering with this innovative company to provide product content creation and top-notch marketing services. We will be continuously optimizing our client’s content and platforms while ensuring that the quality of their services is among the best in the market. 


Our team is composed of highly skilled professionals dedicated to providing creative solutions and continuous assistance. We will be working with advanced methods of processing information and will be paying special attention to ensure that the quality of our services remains high throughout the entire process.


Sonnecto believes that every service requires maximum effort and constant improvement, so our teams are always finding better ways to promote our clients’ values. We are looking forward to our partnership and to providing outstanding solutions for our new client.


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