Meet our new LA-based client

Meet our new LA-based client

Sonnecto welcomes its new client to the world of business process outsourcing and optimization.


We are eager to begin working with the IT solutions company providing specialized technical support to businesses all throughout the U.S. The L.A.-based firm assists a broad range of establishments, providing Managed IT, Consulting, and Business services tailored to the specific needs of each customer. Serving not only as support but also as technical advisors, they enable clients to focus on core business competencies while they ensure peak performance of the IT infrastructure.


Sonnecto’s role will focus on enlisting tech, customer support, and managed IT teams – including service desk support specialists. The company will be able to center its efforts on strategic growth while our vetted teams will be fully dedicated to helping the end-users with 24/7 support.


Mr. Miller, CEO of the LA-based company, looks forward to “having more efficient business operations and better focus on high-level growth” now that certain support tasks (including tier 1, 2, and 3) are being effectively managed by Sonnecto’s qualified professionals. Our collaboration will ensure the firm’s service-oriented model consistently delivers excellent service to their expanding customer base, paving the way for innovation and scaling.”


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