Sonnecto announces a new partnership with a large U.S.-based web hosting company

Sonnecto announces a new partnership with a large U.S.-based web hosting company

Sonnecto is pleased to announce a new partnership with a fully managed hosting platform delivering greater speeds, stronger security, and trusted support to thousands of users.


The U.S based company founded in 1996 offers quality management, performance, and reliability control to sites, applications, and stores through a high-end cloud stack platform. For more than 20 years, they have developed a diverse service portfolio, offering products and comprehensive management for projects and sites of diverse sizes. The firm has been helping its clients build better and scale higher through continual innovation, modern technologies, and extensive eCommerce and technical knowledge.


In our collaboration, Sonnecto will be providing services in the realm of digital marketing and customer support. To drive greater traffic and leads, we’ll also be spreading resources and activities on knowledge base development and content creation.


Sonnecto’s co-founder, Granit Limani states: “As web platforms become more dynamic, integrated, and agile, the need for teams that can withstand these trends increases. We firmly believe that our teams will excel in supporting our clients’ growth in this ever changing industry.”


We’re proud of the new cooperation we’ve formed and look forward to putting our expert teams to work; ensuring undivided attention towards the common goal and reflecting on insights to fine-tune our methodologies.


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