Sonnecto Announces New Collaboration with Fintech Startup

Sonnecto Announces New Collaboration with Fintech Startup

Sonnecto is proud to announce a new collaboration with a U.S.-based fintech startup with global reach. 

This unique and growing company has created a revolutionary embedded fintech platform and product that streamlines the way businesses, economies, and consumers interact.  This platform will spark an ecosystem that facilitates transactions and payments while enabling users around the world to spend and send money online or in person instantly. Their omnichannel solution – which also supports a DeFi (Decentralized Finance) world – allows for both cash-like and credential-free transactions.


Sonnecto’s will be providing state of the art market research, technology advisory services, and data modelling. Through overseeing the implementation of new technology and systems, user-level product testing, and more, Sonnecto’s arsenal of support clears the way for our client and partner to focus on scaling up. 


Sonnecto’s business model is pillared on sparking companies to tap into their potential. As such, the BPO company is always up to date with the newest digital trends in the business ecosystem.  


The expansion to new industries and frontiers in technology comes as no surprise to those familiar with the tech-driven company.

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