EdTech company increases conversion rate by 70% with Sonnecto

EdTech company increases conversion rate by 70% with Sonnecto

Customer and IT Support Services 



After developing the LMS platform, our client’s next challenge was to provide Customer & IT Support services to retain enrolled participants and expand their list of users. 


They were pursuing a solution that would allow them to outsource as many of these mundane tasks as possible, in turn alleviating a great deal of working pressure and increasing the possibility for growth and acquisition. Sonnecto discussed CRM tools and suggested using automated platforms and other software packages to accomplish more organized, real-time reporting and time-saving tasks, among other things.



The Customer and IT Support outsourced:

  • IT support tier 1-2 & Back Office
  • Appointments & Direct Sales
  • Relationships & Feedback


Sonnecto’s dedicated support teams provided various services for support, including the onboarding support of student enrollment, outbound sales initiatives of student recruitment, and the follow-up support of alumni, all to provide users with a world-class online training experience. We arranged the best resources, designated team leaders, and project managers to oversee the team and guarantee that all activities were finished on schedule. This improved customer response quality and retention while employing best practices in phone, chat, and email.


By adding automated software platforms, our client can now track and inform students of the E-Learning platform. Sonnecto teams prioritize these topics internally by continuously enhancing the student’s experience and bouncing back with informative responses.


Sonnecto also established a back-office team that offered a wide range of admin and sales support – including data management, service calls, and email/ticket management.


IT Support (Tier 1) – Basic help desk resolution and service desk delivery.

IT Support (Tier 2)  – In-depth technical support with experienced technicians.


Appointment settings were automated with sales acceleration technologies.

  • Autodialer software
  • Local presence caller ID
  • Personalized voicemail messages
  • Call tracking
  • Appointment calendar. 


The client grew from one initial course of 210 students to three courses of 300 students (day batch, night batch for the USA, and Europe batch). After significant growth for our client, we implemented cybersecurity classes, java developer for alumni, and several free-of-cost boot camps.


Sonnecto included a wide range of turn-key solutions to meet clients’ needs in the United States and Europe. The introduction of the 3CX communication system improved the efficiency of Sonnecto’s customer support in providing information to students. Through the strong application of proper resources, we were able to improve the quality and speed of feedback, as well as the outbound quality of sales.   


Sonnecto also helped optimize lengthy and laborious tasks such as video editing and job market support.


Results by the numbers

Since working with Sonnecto’s dedicated support team, our client has noticed the following improvements:


  • Time reduction of email responses by 99%. (4h to 3 min)
  • Conversations per month 10,000+
  • 300+ appointments of interviews booked per month
  • 300+ Enrollment question calls booked per month
  • Increased conversion rate by 70%
  • 80% of their back-office operations are managed by Sonnecto
  • Video Editing time was reduced by 70% (24h to 7h)

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