Sonnecto-built LMS platform helps an EdTech company grow

Sonnecto-built LMS platform helps an EdTech company grow

Software Solution – Learning Management System



Our client was having trouble switching from one platform to another for online learning. The goal was to design a comprehensive solution to assist our client in utilizing all their courses as well as completely restructuring their academic staff and students to be more efficient. Therefore, Sonnecto agreed to create a new LMS software product where every platform detail was discussed among the Sonnecto team and our client during weekly online meetings.



Software Services outsourced:

  1. Web and Mobile development
  2. Product engineering and development
  3. QA Services


Sonnecto gathered all the necessary information related to the client’s operations and the main obstacles they were facing. We leveraged all available data into assembling a customized tool kit for the client’s goal. Sonnecto’s software development team consisted of; a project manager, software architect, UI/UX Designer, front-end Developers, back-end Developers, and QA automation testers.


Sonnecto set out to build the custom-tailored platform based on the client’s needs and vision for learning. The platform was developed on an MVP demo, built with Angular on the front end side and JAVA Spring Boot on the backend with an agile methodology by our development team. Following the development, our LMS product went through QA testing with programs like Java, SQL, and API testing to ensure reliability and that our client’s objectives and requirements are met. This further minimized production issues that already required patch releases, saving both time and cost for the client.


We built the platform using Microservice Architecture, splitting the code into multiple parts or repositories rather than creating a single large block of code. This offered our client the flexibility to grow their platform without usual troubles such as unresponsive pages or bugs. With Microservice Architecture, our client was able to adjust and scale their platform automatically, introduce new features and make changes based on their needs. 


The audience and the users of the LMS were the client’s students, instructors, and other staff involved in teaching. 


Results by the numbers

The platform’s new design was essential to our client. Sonnecto’s optimal solution, developed on the principles of feasibility and highly-responsive functionality, received largely positive feedback from users and achieved all client criteria. With the success of the LMS platform presented to a worldwide audience, the number of students increased substantially.


Our client now runs on the LMS software product that Sonencto built where there are: 

  • 4000+ Global alumni
  • 200 Team Members
  • 500 Hiring partners
  • 21 Countries with alumni

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