Sonnecto is honored to receive two Clutch Awards

Sonnecto is honored to receive two Clutch Awards

Clients working with us at Sonnecto, receive the best possible services from a highly-educated, English-speaking workforce. Excellence comes in tandem with incredible pricing on both inbound and outbound services – on which companies see their costs reduced by 30 – 75%. 


Sonnecto BPO’s reasonable pricing has never hindered its competence, as attested by the two awards Sonnecto was recently granted by Clutch: an international data-based guiding platform for business buying decisions. The Top Voice Services Award by Clutch, ranks Sonnecto among the top global companies in a number of categories such as inbound and outbound call centres, order processing, and appointment setting. 


Here at Sonnecto, we are committed to bringing out the best of your business through our services in customer and technical support, accounting, web development, bookkeeping, and others. Sonnecto’s team of highly-trained, eloquent, and technically-proficient experts does not fail to deliver in helping your company grow. Our second award and global ranking as a company with Top Virtual Assistance prove the high caliber and consistency of our work.


“We are beyond humbled to be ranked globally among the top voice service and virtual assistance firms. Hard work pays off!” — Fatos Ameti, Co-Founder & Chief Executive of Sonnecto 

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