How a Fintech Company Increased Conversion Rates

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How a Fintech Company Increased Conversion Rates




A revolutionary US and international company is building an ecosystem that facilitates fast transactions and secure payments. With experts on software platforms and global operations, their goal is to create a dynamic DeFi (Decentralized Finance) world. Sonnecto supported them by taking care of their growing user base via chat, email, and phone – along with product iteration, market research, and digital solutions.

The Sonnecto Solution


  • Building a cloud-based banking platform (using MySQL, PostgreSQL, and AWS);
  • Thorough Market Research;
  • Collecting detailed customer feedback;
  • Testing user-level products;


Our Company provided constant customer support, market research, data modeling, and product development. By implementing new technologies, systems, and user-level product testing, Our Client was now easily focused on their growth while Sonnecto took care of other technicalities. Of course, for a developing company, customer feedback is a must, and our team made sure to analyze every interaction, criticism, and comment. These helped better shape and develop the products and services the company offered. In addition, we offered various software solutions, including building a new and innovative banking platform that was efficient, secure, and easy to use.



By partnering up with Sonnecto, the company achieved faster product iterations, helpful insights, and important feedback. Thanks to our thorough analysis of client opinions and input, the fintech firm was able to create valuable, long-lasting relationships with its customers. While creating the banking platform, we made sure that it was trusted and offered a way to make financial transactions less stressful. This earned the company a new clientele, which not only created a good reputation for the firm but also increased its revenue. Sonnecto helped with daily support, technical solutions, and deeper data analysis, which enabled the company to focus on new ideas and innovation.

Results by the numbers


✔ 25% more conversion rate

✔ +18% customer traction

✔ 2x revenue increase

✔3x faster time to market 


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